Monday, November 25, 2013

Sal Lake, Busy Busy, & Vagrant Beat / November 24, 2013 / The Pink Mistress

By: Garrett Bower, Contributor

Those who made the frigid trek to The Pink Mistress Sunday night were treated to a diverse show of local staples Sal Lake and Busy Busy, a solid set from former Athens dudes Vagrant Beat and even a dash of comedy thanks to The Blue Pencil Comedy group.

The comedy acts opened up the evening with a slew of crude comedy ranging from social networking harassment to the tale of a drunk dude in Alden, armed only with a handle of Jack and a bag of Doritos.

Next up was the infamous Sal Lake, who crouched down among his keyboard, looper, bass and trusty bicycle wheel. He attended to his instruments with clinical precision, conjuring up hypnotic, ambient walls of sound before tearing the pieces apart in fits of screaming and distortion.

Next up was Vagrant Beat, a noise rock band from parts all over. They incorporated the best of classic rock riffs and new experimentation as well as their vocalist, who filled the soundscape with eerie wails and energetic screams, jumping and dancing all the while. The Pink Mistress here in Athens was a halfway point for the group, as they continue on their 10-date tour, setting sights on Kent and Mansfield next.

Finally, Busy Busy rounded out the evening with their signature touch of full-bodied ambience and encompassing sound, filling up the tiny venue and sweeping up all those in attendance.

It was a calm, chill night (figuratively and literally) and was a treat for anyone in attendance. The atmosphere was rare and highly underrated in a sea of drunken nights in crowded basements with kids bigger than you always starting fistfights.

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