Friday, November 8, 2013

ACRN Presents: Giant Claw, Summer Sausage Sanders & Dead Pigs / November 7, 2013 / The Smiling Skull

By: Xavier Veccia, Staff Writer / Rap Mixtape Blogger

Note: This is not a real conversation. This is just what I imagine I would say to a bro if he came with me to the Giant Claw and Summer Sausage Sanders show last night.

“Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro.”


“What's going on?”

“I don't know, dude. We just got here.”

“Why's this guy just, like, chilling on the floor screwing with his synthesizers?”

“Dude, shut up. We just got here.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Just listen, bro.”

“But, like, do I bob my head? Tap my foot? Interpretative dance?”

[sigh] “Just bob your head or something.”

[awkwardly bobs head] [head bob doesn't cue up with music] [stops bobbing head] “It's not working.”

“Let's just step outside.” [steps outside] “What are you doing in there, bro?”

“What am I doing in there? What about those guys?”

“They're playing their music. It's a show.”

“But it's, like, weird.”

“What did you expect? Mumford & Sons? This is the Skull.”

“Oh man, I love Mumford & Sons.”

“They's sooo good. Can we just talk about...wait, no, stop. That's not the point. Just go back in there and listen to the music.”


“Just do it!”


Moral of the story: Athens music isn't for everyone. But for those people who do enjoy it, it's hella awesome. Giant Claw and Summer Sausage Sanders put on a good show of trippy-ass, synth-heavy songs. And even if I couldn't bob my head, it was still pretty cool.

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