Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey! I got a fever! And the only cure.... is more Pomegranates

In case you are wondering, that is my Christopher Walken impression of Stuart’s Opera House’s Cabin Fever Festival. I took a little artistic license with the direct quote. You would have too if you’d been there to see these boys’ set on January 15.

Opening the fest was Bird & Flower, two folkie songstresses serenading the crowd in the lobby of the Opera House as we milled about sipping coffee, browsing for art and trolling for record deals.

Then, let the steps open and the games begin, as Whale Zombie takes the stage, prog-rocking their little undead-mammal hearts out, starting the night off with a bang.

Closely following, the Alwood Sisters put on a great sit-down set: Folk-twinged with psychedelic goodness.

Then Pomegranates was a definite highlight. They switched instruments on almost every track, grandstanding their musical talent in the best way possible. The crowd was mesmerized, which explains why the Pomegranates--- dressed like every sensitive musician type you ever crushed on in highschool--- spent most of the post show hiding back stage.

After Pomegranates went Wheels on Fire. They had... a very energetic keyboardist.

Finally, at long last, Maps & Atlases took the stage. Maps & Atlases is like that friend that you know is too cool to hang out with you, but they haven’t figured that out yet. They put on a killer set and then proceeded to come down into the crowd for an unplugged encore that stole the show. A one-man guitar rendition of “Ongoing Horrible” closed an unreal scene, and the band stuck around to talk afterwards making us all wonder, why can’t every band be this talented AND friendly?

It’s safe to say, my Cabin Fever has been cured.

--Amanda Norris, Staff Writer