Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Ticket Home / November 11, 2013 / The Barn

By: Kyle Rutherford, Staff Writer
Photo By: Kyle Rutherford

Intimate house shows are kind of a rite of passage for bands. Luckily for Athens residents and OU students, the area hosts many of them. So when Columbus metalcore act My Ticket Home announced it wanted to play some house shows on off-days from touring, it was no surprise that someone from Athens decided to get them down here.

Monday night, about 25 people met at The Barn to see the Rise Records four-piece play a fairly intimate show. The band is on tour supporting its new LP, Strangers Only, and has been on tour with Nonpoint for the last few weeks.

The space in The Barn was just big enough for the small crowd and band setup, so attendees were fairly up close to the band. Being the fan that I am, I made sure to park myself right in front of lead vocalist/bassist Nick Giumenti.

The band started with “Teenage Cremation,” bouncing around the small area while the crowd did the same. Compared to its older melodic metalcore sound, the band has morphed into more of a nu-metalcore sound. The new album gives off the same vibe that Slipknot’s first record did, but with even heavier vocals. Live, Giumenti is just as aggressive as Slipknot’s Corey Taylor while guitarists Derek Blevins and Matt Gallucci work together just like Jim Root and Mick Thompson.

Since the band was only using studio monitors, the vocals weren’t very clear. Fortunately for fans of the band, they knew every word to their set. From “Keep Alone,” “Painfully Bored” and the first single off the album, “Spit Not Chewed,” the band and the small crowd were energetic throughout the set and gave the band a memorable first house show and a great Veteran’s Day. 

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