Friday, May 25, 2012

Brothertiger, DJ Self Help and bustedBASS / May 24, 2012 / Casa Cantina

By: Kyle Rutherford, Staff Writer

The streets of Athens were quiet Thursday night, with many students having either made their way home for Memorial Day festivities or to Hilton Head. Inside Casa was a night of diverse music that left attendees unable to control their dancing feet. At the helm was DJ duo bustedBASS performing their last Athens show for awhile, with support from DJ Self Help and Brothertiger.

"Thank you for coming out. Hope you like the jams, man," said John Jagos, the man behind Brothertiger, right before he ripped into his synth-laden chillwave set. This was the first show in Athens after his European tour with Teen Daze and upon rolling into his song "A House of Many Ghosts," the wait was well worth it.

Jagos' breathy voice and bubbly synths echoed beautifully through the warm atmosphere of the venue, while those in attendance swayed and danced along. More classic songs like "Lovers" were played, but "I've Been Waiting," off Brothertiger's most recent release, was given this particular warm feeling. And the closing of the set with "Feel" prompted many attendees to ask for more music.

DJ Self Help's set was next. A turntable user over more modern controllers, Self Help's set built as he went on, starting from more lo-fi indie electronic and evolving into more heavy bass songs that lacked the overwhelming synth sound of modern house music. With emphasis on jungle bass, moombathon, and hip-hop, Self Help spun "California Love" by 2Pac and "Wild Wild West" by Will Smith, all in the same set as Diplo and Dillon Francis. Self Help plays a blend of what starts at first as softer stuff, but evolves into more heavy bass material.

The set played by bustedBASS was what it usually is: a mixture of electronic songs, as well as pop music and classics. As the crowd grew, heavy bass music was played and hula hoopers did their own little routines. Some of the music played was "Contact" by Usher, as well as Beastie Boys, Major Lazer and a bustedBASS remix of "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys

With it being their last show in Athens for a while, DJs Arthur Henke and Joe William gave it their all in creating an insane festival. Even with date complications and a lesser crowd, bustedBASS was able to deliver exactly they intended on doing and obviously had fun while doing it.

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