Friday, May 4, 2012

ACRN Presents: Mom's Weekend, Dingus Kahn and the Spacemen Spiffs, Sure Plus & Magna Drag / May 3, 2012 / Smiling Skull

By: "Snatty" O'Leary (a.k.a. Katie O'Leary, Art Director)

As a lobster living in a town full of humans, I don’t get out much. Sure, a radio station here has decided that I represent them, but other than that I usually get pretty bored. It’s always a risk to walk out on Court Street where I often find drunks ready to make a meal out of me (butter sauce included). 

Well, last night was different. I had spent the day campaigning for my presidency of Ohio University and this gave me the guts I needed to enjoy a night on the town. Naturally, I chose to attend the ACRN show at The Smiling Skull.

On my way over to the show, my bravery was shaken by some handsy drunks yelling, “That’s a lobster!” at me. Of course I’m a lobster. I don’t understand humans. I finally scuttled along the rest of Court Street and made it safely to the show.

The Skull was overflowing with all kinds of humans. I scampered across the beer stained floor and ran into something that was not human—a dog! I personally love dogs but this particular one sure hated me. I think my giant claws were a little intimidating, but I would never use them on him. Since I couldn’t sway him to be my friend, I turned to the music.

The first band up was Magna Drag. They were a garage-y rock-type band I could really “snat” my claws to.

After the first band, I took a little break by the bar. These humans here LOVED me. People were buying me drinks left and right. I decided to let loose and have some skull ale. It tasted like it came from the mud at the bottom of the ocean, but beer is beer and I kept drinking it.

Next up was Dingus Kahn and the Spacemen Spiffs. Talk about a hard name to say. They were an interesting combo of grunge, surf rock, and upbeat melodies that had everyone moving, especially one guy in the back. He was going crazy and wanted to dance with me. I thought, “Why not?” and busted some lobsta’ moves.

The singer had an interesting voice. I’m not sure if I would have liked it on its own, but with the music, it had that spastic-y tempo just right for garage rock.

The night went on and next up was Mom’s Weekend. It made complete sense for Mom’s Weekend to be playing on the weekend of their namesake. They had a bit of a sloppy performance due to the lead singer’s slight intoxication, but they had enough energy to get any mom dancing. Unfortunately, there was only one mom spotted in the crowd and she was clearly too sober.

The final band, Sure Plus, was a brand new spin-off of Athens math rock/punk band Difficult Dogs. They were delightfully catchy and I decided to break it down for the crowd. I thought I was a great dancer, but that might’ve been the alcohol talking.

After last night, maybe I’ll be making it out to a few more shows in Athens. I had a great time and met a bunch of people who thought I was more than just a meal. Oh, and one more thing: vote #Snat4Prez!

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