Friday, February 3, 2012

Woodland Slumber, DJ AA and bustedBASS/ February 2 / Casa

By: Kyle Rutherford, Contributor

Casa may have warmed up Athenians, but the music inside got people moving. Backed by Woodland Slumber and DJ AA, bustedBASS moved a full house into a frenzy with their interesting mixes, and exciting songs.

Woodland Slumber warmed up the place with a very mellow set, mostly consisting of some ambient and alternative electronic. His mixing was good and his song selection was great, but the only problem was a lack of people.

When DJ AA started to play, the place began to fill up. He mostly played a set of hard electronic and house, mixing in a little dubstep every once in awhile. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and were moving throughout; it just almost sounded like it was the same song over and over.

The duo of bustedBASS killed their set from the beginning with a dubstep remix of "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. They music they played ranged from from pop remixes to other types of electro. They kept their energy up throughout. They are truly an act to experience for yourself.

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