Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dave Rave 2-Year Anniversary / January 28 / The Union

By: Kyle Rutherford, Contributor

The dark forces of the underworld were at hand at Saturday night when Columbus's roeVy creeped into The Union for Dave Rave's 2-Year Anniversary show.

The first set of the night by DJ Time Traveler was a fun and somewhat soothing set, where the crowd got really into the beat of the music, consisting mainly of electro-house. There were hula-hoopers, stage dancers, and everything seemed to open up just fine. His only problem was a somewhat annoying intoxicated girl that kept taking to his microphone to scream "DAVE RAVE!!!" over and over.

DJ B-Funk played a great set, mixing in remixes of popular pop/hip-hop with other electronic songs. His set made the whole place jump and heat up really fast. His set consisted of some heavy bass songs, like "Breakn' A Sweat" by Skrillex ft. The Doors, "Lionheart" by Afrojack, and "Save the World" by Swedish House Mafia.

Last out were "The dark lords of electro" roeVy, a hard electro/dubstep duo that don head coverings with red lasers pointing out of what is made to look like their eyes. The light show, the projected images, and the music made for an extremely intense set.

The projections consisted mainly of the group's name multiple times, "666," and upside down crucifixes. The energy on the packed dance floor was incredible, making me think multiple times that the floor would cave in. Their music was mostly original, consisting mainly of some very hard electro and dubstep, mixing in some of their recent songs off of their The Demons EP, like "Raum" among others.

Luckily for those in attendance, "the #1 party at the #1 party school" was at least 10 steps above normal.

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