Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dave Rave presents: Love and Light / February 15 / The Union

By: Kyle Rutherford, Contributor

Wednesday night drew a small crowd to the Union for what was probably one of the most insane shows the place has seen in long time.

Currently on their North American tour and moving on toward their set at Miami, Florida's Ultra Music Festival, glitch/crunk/dubstep duo Love and LIght killed the small show, and left me wondering why there were so few people there. Then I remembered that people need sleep for class the next day... fuck it.

The first DJ supporting was DJ Pro Bono, who started off the night with a nice house-infused dance set.

Next out was Capt. PlannedIT, who played a heavy Drum and Bass set, infusing some elements of dubstep and glitch in.

Last supporting was DJ Technician, who played a set consisting mainly of very heavy dubstep, something the crowd didn't seem used to and didn't know how to react to, prompting the DJ to as "What? You guys don't like real dubstep?"

Love and Light started and ended their set heavy and upbeat, bringing so many elements of heavy electronic music together that bass drops rattled speakers harder than ones at a 3-day metal festival.

Their original tracks blew me away and they seemed like they were having so much fun on stage, compared to some DJs who seem all business and focus.

The unfortunate part, as usual, were the many drunk attendees, ruining it for the others that came to see a good show, by heaving their friends up so high that they hit the ceiling. Not Cool.

But, throughout the set, all was not lost, and the thumping beats brought a great night to a small but worthy crowd.

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