Sunday, January 15, 2012

Evolve, Brothertiger and Blithe Field / January 14, 2012 / The Fern Gully

By: Kyle Rutherford, Contributor

Take me to outer space!

The Fern Gully was packed and alive Saturday night when Blithe Field, Brothertiger, and Evolve came to play.

Blithe Field’s sample electronic set was great, starting in from some of his slower songs that kept the crowd mellow, but finishing off to some more dancey songs that made the floor start to cave. What was memorizing about his set was his focus. There was so much going on around him, but he never looked up of broke concentration. Very impressive in my mind.

Second was synthpop Brothertiger, who played the most energetic set of the night. Jagos’s lively set had the essence of a more upbeat Depeche Mode, with better vocal effects and louder keys. Everyone was moving for the entirety of his set, during which he played songs like “Feel” and “Lovers” from his Vision Tunnels EP, and some off his new LP Golden Years, which comes out March 27.

Last was Evolve, an alternative hip-hop artist from Cincinnati. What was great was the he did all of his own music in real time off of his laptop and a few effects/samples boards. Most of his lyrics were about civil issues, often things involving the government. Very punk-influenced. His electronic beats were phenomenal, making some crowd members want to go to outer space, and they were easily comparable to any professional electronic musician that has any sort of popularity.

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