Sunday, February 9, 2014

Uptowne Buddha, Bright at Night & Mrs. Helen Highwater / February 7, 2014 / The Union

By: Alexa Smith, Staff Writer

A great group of pals and sibs assembled Friday night on Union and good times were had. The night reeked of insane musical talent that certainly revealed some wicked dance moves from the crowd. And what a crowd they were, reacting to the sweet sounds their ears beheld them with nothing but smiles and endless energy. You know the night was a success, for when they left, all were noticeably sweatier from when they had arrived.

Mrs. Helen Highwater heated things up in a big way. They proved themselves as newcomers, and certainly impressed. The early crowd was into it, and those who came later missed some great stuff. No worries, though! Redemption is available Friday for a V-Day party at the Skull or Saturday at Jackie O’s. Be there or be square.

On deck was Bright at Night, also keeping their word in their one goal of the night: to get everybody dancing. They had a very likable quality and rare, distinctive excellence that made them stand out as a group. Bartlett hypnotized with his deep rasp, a voice that is individual and uncommon. Big fans of guest performers that they are, Bright at Night invited Emcee Schwartz from The Dysfunktional Family to mix things up a bit. It was happenin’.

Feeling pretty good from some complementary "to-kill-ya" from a kind sir named Ernie, the anticipation of the Buddha was piling high. When the jams started, something about them made you want the show to never end. So fresh and so clean. They had an old school feel about them that reminds me of the days when a crowd’s heart was really in it, no matter who was playing—live music is live music. An overwhelming sense of togetherness was happening and it was pretty cool to be a part of it. A collective love of music that could bring a tear to your eye.

Left exhausted and fulfilled, the night came to a close, but with sore-legged reminders of a truly splendid time.

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