Sunday, February 2, 2014

Speaking Suns & The Big Cover-Up / February 1, 2014 / The Smiling Skull & The Union

By: Alexa Smith, Staff Writer

Damn, was it a good night for music in Athens.

Being the eager beaver that I am, I was way too excited for a night of live music and way too early for the night’s activities. Turns out most things start two hours after the time given and the cool kids show up an hour after that. Lesson now learned.

In the meantime, I got the tip of a show at the Smiling Skull. A young sir opened (name unknown, sadly), but I give mad props to anyone who can get up in front of a bar of people and do their thang, so shout out to that guy.

The discovery of Skull’s rooftop surely had me in smiles. What a wonderful oasis to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we were having.

I was summoned downstairs with a text reading, "Yo come down they jam," and jam they did. The Speaking Suns were hella good. They had a wicked bass line that didn’t stop grooving and the doll on keyboards had some great hair that, when I later saw him at The Union, was gathered into a quality bun. Sending a virtual high five to the Speaking Suns for playing a bangin' set.

I got a little distracted and might have missed a good bit of the Union’s Big Cover-Up, but I got there in time to catch the ass-end of some wicked Bowie covers. The guys went all out--they were decked in sequin armor and really got into character with some intriguing face paint. They had a great time and so did the crowd, without a doubt.

Blond, the entire reason for the night, didn’t go on until about midnight 30, but the wait was 100% worth it. Saying I’m a big Dr. Dog fan would be huge understatement, so I was very excited. Blond put its own spin on many of Dog’s tracks, doing a rendition of “The Truth” that I actually preferred to the original. Conor Stratton did Toby Lehman good with a passionate “Die, Die, Die” and Jamie Scott had a voice that I was certainly not expecting, but was left in literal awe.

Like the preview recommended, I got a little too drunk and belted out the lyrics, cheesing the whole time. Top night.

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