Saturday, April 24, 2010

It was a CD release party! Yeah!

Last night was the Manor Animals' CD release party for their new EP "Rearranger" at The Spacement. This is a blog about it.

Upon arrival, I don't even know who was playing. It was their last song and it was just some guy on the drums and a guy on the guitar. Allegedly, one of them was singing but I don't believe it. Everyone was super into it -- maybe too into it if you ask me. But then again, I veer more toward being aloof and never feeling an extreme emotion. So whoever was playing, they were a bit too raucous and noisy for my taste but they got the crowd going. I even heard one little peanut of a male say "I am so. FUCKING. tired" before wiping his face and exiting The Spacement.

Next up was Krill. I spent a majority of their set trying to come up with a clever play on their name and a word to describe them. MagKRILLiscent? But they weren't.

Krill was kind of "blah" even though the crowd experienced "The Doppler Effect of Concert Interest" (I just coined that so it's a little bit rough). The front row is always the one that goes all in immediately, even if the band is shit. And then, everyone slowly has an "oh yeah, music" reaction and starts nodding their heads as well. It's all very strange and scientific.

Naturally, Manor Animals played last. By the third song, a substantial crowd had gathered and it seemed as though everyone had decided it was prime time for a moshing/pushing/"dancing" session despite the fact that they were playing "Ceremony" by New Order which I just can't imagine is the type of song that entices people to push and shove.

All right, I'm going to wrap this thing up. Manor Animals was enjoyable as they usually are. The other bands were mediocre despite the crowd really giving it their all in shifting from foot to foot or nodding their heads, and the crowd was a strange mixture of fun and people that I wanted to tear down with witty and critical insults. A usual Friday night in Athens.

Oh, and I stopped in at Dance or Die. NO ONE WAS THERE.

-Kaitie Firm, Blogger

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