Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good music, awful photos, nice night

First off, I love free shows. Especially free shows that happen at The Union. Unfortunately, last night was apparently the night to have shows because they were happening everywhere.

Chiswola started things off, and to my surprise, the stage wasn't being utilized; it was actually really awesome. The crowd was really into it and the band - described as "surfy chinese punk" - seriously delivered. With loud, catchy drum beats, fast and dirty guitar licks, and screaming vocals, how could anyone go wrong?

I chatted with the drummer, Brent Lawson, for a few minutes and he had this to say: "At the beginning, I felt excited. At the end, I felt tired." Understandable what with the non-stop drum playing he did. Perhaps even more laborious as he was wearing sunglasses in the already dark Union.

So, Chiswola. What the hell does that mean? The response I received was, "it means 'we're so fucking angry.' It's kind of girly, like if a girl got really frustrated she would say [at this point, Lawson adapted a classically exasperated girl voice] 'Ah, chiswola!'"

I stuck around to see Mr. Leg. It was this kid sitting on the floor with a magical box which played samples of songs but also enabled him to add different sounds, songs, and beats. At this point, I was really feeling it and thinking "Why is this not Dance or Die right now?" The only thing I wasn't into was that he would play some delicious, sexy beat and then suddenly (I guess this is what makes it "experimental") there would be a bunch of commotion with cymbals and piano and lyrics and it just threw off my whole groove.

But it was free so who am I to complain?

-Kaitie Firm, Blogger

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