Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whale Zombie ≠ the Postal Service

So I’m standing at the Union on Friday, watching Whale Zombie play, and some drunken broad saunters up to me and shouts, “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS BAND?” I tell her I’m rather fond of them, and that I just wrote an article about their music. She explains that she often approaches show attendees at random and asks their opinions on the band playing. Isn’t she a little citizen-journalist-in-training? She then proceeds to inquire, several times, but don’t I think they sound like a knock-off of the Postal Service? So, grimacing and not quite drunk enough, I tell her, “I wouldn’t say that.” She then asks if I know who the Postal Service is. -______-

Yes, I tell her, I’ve heard their singles. And no, I don’t think Whale Zombie sounds like them.

Dear stupid girl who suggested Whale Zombie’s music somehow resembles The Postal Service: you are an ignoramus. I’m surly that you could even compare this quirky, innovative band of gentleman to insincere, commercial, “indie” pop bullshit whose videos graced Fuse mid-millennia. I did not attempt to explain this to drunken girl, though. I didn’t see the point.

I don’t expect every resident claiming a 45701 zip code to recognize local band’s correct genre (or lack of). I have to applaud Whale Zombie for making music accessible enough to reach a wide audience – even if that includes silly Postal Service fans. If anything, it reminds me that those who frequent house shows must encourage SHOW ATTENDANCE! It’s the most viable antithesis to ignorance and fun for all.

Saturday rolls around and I trudge through the slush to the Spacement show. It’s pretty late and by the time I get there, Whale Zombie is setting up. I promptly realize I have forgotten my beverages at home, but Vilk informs me they’re the last band of the evening.

Bobb Hatt accompanies Whale Zombie on the saxophone on several songs. As WZ fades into “Jungles,” the light above my head begins flickering. It’s the kind that makes your eyeballs hurt and often makes appearances at middle school parties. The song climbs to the most epic part, the light flashing so fast and bright I can feel my pupils shrinking to the size of pinpricks. The place breaks into sporadic little moshings – the benign basement variety in which kids shove each other in jest, and the risk of sustaining injuries is virtually nonexistent. I notice drummer Chris Lute’s girlfriend Michelle giggling. She is watching the crowd react as she controls the lighting.

As WZ ends its set, Lute introduces the next band, “Metalflesh from Bangladesh” which sounds like a joke. The Spacement kids leak into the snow and light cigarettes. Right before I leave, I hear a well-dressed indie girl ask her boy next to her when Metalflesh from Bangladesh is playing.

--Dani Purcell, Senior Writer


  1. Waaaait, the Postal Service?! She thought Whale Zombie = Postal Service?! Wow. Wooooooow.

    Ah, so Bobb Hatt was the guy on the sax. I couldn't figure out at the Union if he actually collaborated with them often or just kinda randomly ran up there for one song. That's me showing my noobishness when it comes to Whale Zombie.

  2. I told a few friends this story before posting, and they all reacted the same way, Kevin. haha.

    and Krisi, I'm not sure if this is only in application to the actual ACRN site, but could you possibly change my title to "Senior Writer"?

    plz and thanks.

  3. p.s.s. Metalflesh from Bangladesh is legit. apparently I am incapable of differentiating sarcasm from seriousness. joke's on me, I guess.

  4. Metal Flesh is legit, but they play about once every sixth months. They're usually sick, though, when all their gear doesn't break, haha.

    Thanks for comin out the the Spaycement.