Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unfamiliarity at its finest

Dear livejournal,

Just kidding. But really.

My emotions were running wild last night. Was it the PBR and cheap vodka putting a hazy barrier around the balanced part of my mind? Possibly. But more so I’d say it was the music and the people, both of which (as a freshman) I’m not too familiar with around here.

After trudging and slipping as quickly as we could across town to get to the Manor house last night, we arrived too late to see In Silent Movies and a little ways through Theodore’s set. But luckily, I snuggled in a place right up front, literally about a foot from the bass player.

Usually, in cases like this, a part of me gets jealous of people’s abilities to create music that can have a moving effect on other people. After all, I want to be in a band, and only in my dreams can I contrive music like that. It’s a bit discouraging at times. But last night called for merely an appreciation of it all.

Theodore was definitely appreciable. At some points they made me kinda sad, but in a good way. It’s just emotional tunes that I think take some sort of toll on everybody listening. They were captivating and mollifying and a bunch of other adjectives that probably couldn’t do them justice. And they seemed like such kind souls, too.

Bruce Manor’s own Manor Animals came on last. They fit so comfortably in their own little basement. The band played a jaunty set and my knees and heels quickly found the beat. And people were bantering and clapping and havin’ fun and bein’ friends.

The atmosphere of the night couldn’t have been more charming. And there’s no better way to top it off than with a pit stop a the Union Street Diner. Oh sweet bagel and cream cheese that I could make myself in my dorm room, but for some reason it’s so much better here -- I’ll pay $1.27 for you any day.

So while I’m still not too familiar with things around here, I think I’m getting there. And enjoying myself thoroughly while I’m at it.

-Hannah Cook, Staff Writer

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