Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chrome Moses and Dune / September 13, 2013 / Casa Nueva

By: Abbie Doyle, Contributor

Last evening, Friday the 13th (which occurred with no incidents, no spooks, nada), I headed over to Casa Nueva to watch Dune and Chrome Moses perform. With me was my best pal Amy, who is visiting from Cincinnati (my hometown--reppin’ the 513).  It was an eventful evening. 

While heading up Court Street, I realized we were walking behind Albums Reviews Editor Colin Roose. I was like 95% sure it was him, so I called out his name (took a couple tries) and we had a nice brief chat before he and his company headed into CVS. Amy and I continued on our way to Casa, and the guy who was taking money at the door tried to let us in for free, but Amy had no idea what was going on and gave him money anyway, which was amusing. 

Shortly after Dune began to play I realized I had forgotten to include links in the album review I’d sent Colin six hours previously, so I spent the next half hour worrying about it. I shot him another email and was able to return my attention to Dune. The lead singer (who had a beautiful guitar; hell if I know what kind it was but it was a beautiful instrument) was quite drunk. A few songs into the gig, someone in the crowd bought him a shot, which he chased with the PBR he’d been nursing the whole show. The bassist of Dune was so great--we were sitting closest to him so the bass and the drums were the loudest things I could hear, which made me a very happy camper. The sound system was great--the dude in the sound booth was saying you could hear the dishes rattle. The sound was reverberating in the floor, in the walls, in my bones. Live music is one of the best things in the world, and I would definitely see Dune (who is from Athens) play again.

At this point in the night, it was around 11:30, and Amy and I were the sleepiest of sleepy bears. The music was keeping us awake but as soon as Dune went off stage we were practically asleep on the table.  Friday nights are not easy nights, man. You’re tired from the week, you’re tired from the, um, activities of the evening. Fridays aren’t easy. 

We stayed for a few of Chrome Moses’ songs, and they were fantastic. Very different sound from Dune, who was heavy into the bass and drums. Chrome Moses, hailing from Pittsburgh, utilized a slide guitar, creating a country/bluesy rock feel, and it was quite enjoyable. But we were sleepy as hell. All I could think about was food (specifically Big Mama’s and Chicken-N-Waffle), and I really wanted a Pepsi, so we hauled ass out of there and indulged in some munchies. Both bands were excellent, acted professionally and would definitely see me again at a future show.

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