Friday, February 8, 2013

ACRN Presents: Evolve, Hundos and Emcee Kilgore / February 7, 2013 / The Smiling Skull

By: Ryan James, Contributor
Photo By: Ryan James

My walk to The Smiling Skull on Thursday night was a cold one. I was determined to make it there, though. The guys in Hundos are personal friends of mine. I’ve played many shows with their former group, ZapaƱo, and we even put out a split 7” together. Needless to say, I like to show my support whenever they pass through.

The place was deserted when I got there. I sat in a corner seat, “American Woman” dripping out of the speakers above me. Hundos played first. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t improve much over the course of their set. That didn’t seem to phase them. It’s evident that after all this time, they still enjoy playing together. I’m so used to seeing Sean Hundley sing, that I always forget how talented he is on the drums. His brother, Kevin, followed the grooves closely on bass. David Frush, with a collection of pedals at his feet, improvised over the wandering soundscapes, playing with grace and restraint. Chris Lee’s sampler wasn’t present in the mix at all. Their largely improvised songs grew from quaint jazz exercises into massive walls of sound.

Cincinnati rapper Evolve performed next. His table of drum machines and keyboards filled the tiny room with deafening beats. Many of his raps were introspective musings about the political climate. He appeared to be enjoying himself, and the few people watching him did begin to dance around during the middle of his set.

Once he was through, I ventured back into the cold. I walked back home thinking of all the little shows people miss out on. Hundos and Evolve gave it everything they had, and I was thankful for that. 

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