Sunday, June 3, 2012

ACRN Lobsterfest 2012 / Day Two / June 1 / The Dragon's Cup

By: Kyle Rutherford, Staff Writer

Sure Plus started out with a particular blend of punk energy and emo vocals. The group, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Grant Engstrom and drummer/vocalist Spencer Radcliffe, played raw, upbeat music that was perfect from the secluded, confined basement of Dragon's Cup. Engstrom and Radcliffe sang mostly in a screamed sense, with Engstrom occasionally going into some more high pitched clean stuff. The duo's instrumental playing complemented one another very well, with both having very energetic playing styles. Spencer hit the shit out of his drums while Grant strummed quick, precise and also loud.

The energy continued when Vagrant Beat took the stage (or floor). The main lights were turned off with only a few small lights facing the playing area, adding a little bit of eeriness to the already black-walled room. The energy of the band was unmistakably awe-inspiring, thrashing about the little playing space, coming very close to hitting each other, but never missing a beat. Strings were broken from the intense noise/post-hardcore playing style, but the technical playing style of the band made it interesting to all in attendance. 

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