Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rosie Haney, Kaitrin McCoy, and Megan Terese / September 16, 2011 / Donkey Coffee

By: Jacob Betzner, Staff Writer

It was an acoustic pop night at Donkey Coffee featuring pianist and singer/songwriter Kaitrin McCoy.

Rosie Haney and her banjo-pickin’ friend kicked off the show, presented by Brick City Records, with a little self-proclaimed “hipster music” infused with bubbly comedy, and Megan Terese impressed the crowd with her rangy voice accompanied by the smooth guitar playing of Tom Atha.

With a good voice but limited guitar playing technique, what Haney lacked in musical ability she more than made up for in making the crowd laugh. She took the crowd on a “tour of hipster music” and ended her solo set with an a capella version of Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s hit “Picture” while the crowd laughed uncontrollably. Her friend then joined her for an original song about getting drunk. The song's chorus, “Tonight, you’re getting drunk/as a skunk/Who’da thunk/you could get so drunk?” also made the crowd cheer.

Next up was Zanesville native Megan Terse. Joined by Tom Atha, Terse hit a bunch of big notes and performed a beautiful cover of Etta James’ “At Last.” The duo added a few originals, covered Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be,” and finished with a heartfelt original about a failed relationship.

Finally, Kaitrin McCoy continued the night of music and laughter by playing her all-original set, which included a song about “stupid” boys and considering becoming a lesbian, giving Haney a run for her money. McCoy tried a few new songs out for the crowd including her catchy song with the working title “Addicted to Love" to close the show.

The light music combined with some good coffee made for a nice little concert for a chilly Friday night in Athens.

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