Saturday, January 9, 2010

Athens music truckin' on through the snowfall

I put on my coat and braved the cold last night as I made my way to the Union. When I arrived it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who thought the freezing walk was well worth it to see Scubadog, Flotation Walls and She Bears rock the night away.

The night started off with Scubadog. I arrived late, so I caught the last of their set. Although they are a rather newly-formed band, they had no problem attracting a following and I had to push through a sea of people to secure my spot in the front.
Next, Flotation Walls, who came from Columbus, took the stage. The five-piece band played hard, with their dramatic orchestra-influenced sounds. The crowd members sang along with their fists in the air as they continued through their set. I watched as the bassist ran his bow along the edge of the cymbals and almost every member continuously changed instruments.

The night was coming to an end, but people were still packed tight as She Bears took the stage. The Athens favorite got the crowd’s feet moving until the bar closed. Despite the cold weather and seemingly never-ending snowfall, it was clear the concert-goers weren’t phased when it came to good music.

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