Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so it begins...

When the idea for this blog first started getting kicked around, my main editing cohort Jen wanted it to be a gossip blog about the Athens music scene. Then we started trying to explain the idea to other people and realized the concept was as flimsy as a wedding ring from Wal-Mart. It's not to say people in this town don't gossip -- because they certainly do -- but the gossip isn't exactly contained to the music scene. So we decided to make this blog a show-centric recap of last weekend's adventures. Many folks at are the types to hop from show to show around town every weekend, so our collaborative attempt will be to chronicle this each week.

Still recovering from my 21st birthday, I was just starting to get sick as Thursday crept 'round. That didn't stop me, as I had tickets to the Yo La Tengo concert at Stuart's Opera House that night. Now, we have a full review and photos of that show over in the concert reviews section, so I'm not going to steal anyone's thunder. BUT, allow me to say, that show was odd. Everyone was so well-behaved. Perhaps a bit too well-behaved. But the band ruled, so that's all that mattered in the end.

Thursday there was also, from what I've heard 'round town, a badass ACRN show at The Union. Kyle Sowashes headlined and that guy was my friend's dental hygienist so I know he's a good dude. Some other folks played, including indie kids Grade School, of whom ACRN photog Charles Yesenczki snapped some pictures.

Friday night was the tops, I'll tell you. A good ole'-fashioned rock'n'roll show at the best damn venue in town, The Union. Cincinnati psychedelic rockers Buffalo Killers, some very talented folks who toured with the likes of The Black Keys and The Black Crowes, played a set that lasted until about close at 2. The set had me up and down and all around -- one minute I'm dancing, the next I'm in awe of the guitar solos. One thing's for sure: There were some REALLY trashed people there wearing creepy paper masks. Not sure what was up with that, but I just tried to ignore it and watch the long-haired men on stage get down with their hypnotic guitar noodling.

The Buffalo Killers' drummer, Joseph Sebaali, sure does make some entertaining faces when he plays. My photographer, again Charles Yesenczki, and I were cracking up the whole night! It was, overall, one of the best shows I've seen in Athens in a while. AND it certainly was a packed crowd, even at an $8 cover.

I found myself at The Union again Saturday night for the ACRN show with Chicago's Kaspar Hauser, who rocked a semi-empty bar (*tear*). I was trying to make it over to the She Bears/Blastronauts show at Casa, but it just never happened. I'm going to blame that one on all the amaretto sours that somehow ended up getting poured down my newly-legal throat. I have no idea how that happened!

Until next week -- stay classy! -- Jillian Mapes, ACRN's Editorial Director

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